Country Day School's Senior Pre-K Class Embarked on Creek Adventure


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Country Day School's Senior Pre-K Class Embarked on Creek Adventure
At Country Day School, the spirit of exploration knows no bounds. Ms. Marie Forst's Senior Pre-Kindergarten class, under the guidance of their Outdoor Adventure teacher Ranger D (Karen DiFiore), embarked on an exciting creek adventure on October 3, that left our young learners inspired and filled with curiosity.
The journey began with an epic hike through the school's scenic surroundings, winding through the woods, across the open field, and along a hidden deer trail. The destination? Our local creek, a place of endless fascination.
Thanks to the low water level, the children had the unique opportunity to explore along the creek bed, where they discovered a whole new ecosystem. Amidst this natural wonderland, our young explorers encountered water striders gracefully gliding on the water's surface and diligent spiders spinning intricate webs. Each observation sparked their curiosity, leading to a flurry of questions and discussions. Additionally, the children found burdock seed pods, often called burs, which captured their imagination and led to engaging conversations about these peculiar natural formations.
The adventure was a day filled with laughter, the joy of splashing in the creek, and the thrill of exploration. In the nurturing and inspiring environment of Country Day School, learning comes naturally, and our children are encouraged to embrace the wonders of the natural world. The memories made during this exciting day will serve as a reminder that, with each new adventure, our children find endless inspiration and opportunities for discovery.
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